Style, Don't Pile

Modular Album Shelving Created For Both Smaller & Larger Living Spaces

Your Vinyl Deserves A Stage, Not Storage

In our digital world, some of us still crave the soulful crackle of vinyl records. We're the quirky ones who want that analog experience and cherish every tune. That's where the modular Aurala record shelving system enters the scene - music to any vinyl lover's ears!

I designed Aurala as a modern solution for displaying prized albums. The compact Aurala50 comfortably holds 50 records. For expansive collections, the Aurala120 effortlessly stores 120 records - perfect for maximizing storage in smaller apartments.

Stack Aurala120 units up to three high or arrange them side-by-side to conduct your own vinyl symphony. Customize as your collection grows. Aurala is engineered to spotlight your records while fitting your lifestyle and space.

Bring your vinyl beauties out of hiding and into the spotlight they deserve.

Order Aurala today - your records and your partner will thank you!

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Aurala50 Vinyl Display

Organize your 50 favorite records next to your turntable. Assembled in seconds

Designed For Evolving Album Collections

Aurala120 Modular Vinyl Shelving

Modular shelves grow alongside your musical tastes. Add units as your passion expands. With Aurala120's adaptable system, you create a custom vinyl haven scaled to your space.

No more gaping half-empty shelves. Aurala120's mix-and-match birch ply modules keep pace with your ever-evolving album obsession.

Make your records the star once again. Aurala120 enables infinite arrangements that highlight your collection and fit your lifestyle.


Birch ply from sustainable forests

Easy Assembly

Assembled in less than a minute

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Got questions about Aurala before you commit? I've compiled this sassy FAQ to address everything from assembly to aesthetics.

Whether you're wondering about shipping, customization options, or the meaning of life, my canned responses below aim to deliver. I serve up these pre-packed answers to make your decision easier.

Dive into the Aurala knowledge base and get your most burning questions addressed before you stock up on shelves for your vinyl empire.

Scan the FAQ menu to find what you need. If I haven't answered your particular query, drop me a line anytime.

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