The Story Behind My Vinyl Record Shelves - Aurala120 and Aurala50

The Story Behind My Vinyl Record Shelves - Aurala120 and Aurala50

Vinyl Record Shelving Designed for Vinyl Records

I've always wanted a beautiful and functional way to store and display my prized vinyl collection. After years of making do with basic wooden shelves or awkward media stands, I decided to take matters into my own hands and design the perfect vinyl shelving system. That's how the Aurala120 and Aurala50 were born.

These sleek, modern shelving units are specifically engineered for vinyl record storage and display. The Aurala name comes from the idea of an "audio library" - a home for your musical works of art. I designed these shelves with vinyl lovers like me in mind. The versatile display lets you prominently exhibit your favorite album covers, allowing guests to appreciate the artwork and titles of your vinyl collection. The baltic birch ply provides industrial strength to handle the weight of hundreds of records.

Another key feature is modularity and customization. The Aurala120  can be arranged in various configurations to fit your space. Add extra shelves or components to grow your storage capacity as your vinyl obsession expands. You can also select different frame colors and finishes to match your room decor.

My goal was to build the perfect blend of form and function - not only beautifully displaying records but also protecting them for the long haul. Records deserve to be showcased like artworks, not hidden away in a crate. The Aurala series allows your vinyl passion to become a focal point and conversation starter in any room.

I hope other vinyl devotees out there enjoy using my Aurala designs as much as I do. Let me know if you have any other ideas for improving the ultimate vinyl shelving experience! The Aurala series is constantly evolving, driven by my desire to curate the ideal home for these works of musical art that we all cherish.

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